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All California Organic Fertilizers products are approved by the California Department Food & Agriculture (CDFA) for use in organic crop production.
The CDFA OIM program has been accredited to ISO Guide 17065 to evaluate organic input materials to be meet NOP regulations, and has been recognized by the NOP as a third party OIM verifier under NOP Policy Memorandum 11-4. CDFA approval of California Organic Fertilizers' may be verified online at the following link:
CDFA Product Registration Database
We develop unique products with high
Plant Available Nitrogen for certified
organic farms.
Note: Labels provided on this website are samples for marketing purposes only and not for use on products.  Please contact COFI for registered labels.
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  • Phytamin® Pure

    Phytamin® Pure

    Phytamin® Pure has 100% plant available nitrogen and works instantly to give crops the nutrition they need. Pure contains ammoniacal nitrogen, no suspended solids and will flow easily through all drip systems. Pure releases nutrients in all weather conditions. Pure is sold through dealers only.
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  • Phytamin® Express 4-1-1

    Phytamin® Express 4-1-1

    Phytamin Express has no animal by-products and is exempt from the Leafy Green Marketing Agreement pathogen testing requirements. The soluble soy makes Phytamin Express one of the fastest acting liquid fertilizers available.
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  • Phyta-Grow Leafy Green Special 7-1-2

    Phyta-Grow Leafy Green Special 7-1-2

    This dry fertilizer is exempt from the Leafy Green Marketing Agreement pathogen testing requirements. Leafy Green Special is 100% plant derived and has virtually no odor.
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Phyta-Grow® Natural Organic Fertilizers


Phyta-Grow® Natural Organic Fertilizers are designed for Maximum Efficiency.
Each product is formulated using the highest quality and highest analysis ingredients available. Each product is made using specific ingredients that will provide the most effective availability of required nutrients for the crop situation. Phyta-Grow® products are a unique blend of bio-available Nitrogen and Phosphorus with various minerals and high microbial active compounds. Phyta-Grow® stands unique in that there is no raw manure or raw plant materials used during production. Our formulations and production processes ensure that there are no human or plant pathogens present.
Big Red 13-0-0LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Bone Meal 4-14-0LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Citrus Avocado Mix ™ 8-5-4LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Countdown ™ 4-3-2LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Guano Phosphate 1-10-1LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Kickstart ™ 6-1-2LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Leafy Green Special™ 7-1-2LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Pre-Plant Plus™ 7-5-7LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Pre-Plant Plus Blend ™ 7-4-5LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Salinas Veggie Mix ™ 8-4-4LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Super 8 ™ 8-1-1LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Super “N”™ 12-0-0LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Veggie-Mix™ 8-5-0.5LabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
Phytamin® brand liquid products


Our variety of Phytamin® brand liquid products provide varied ratios of NPK nutrients to meet the demands of your crop.
In addition, Phytamin® liquids contain varied amounts of soluble and insoluble nitrogen resulting in both immediately available nitrogen and longer-term availability. All Phytamin® liquids contain very low carbon to nitrogen ratios that result in very high Plant Available Nitrogen (PAN). These products are derived from various nitrogen containing sources of raw materials including fish soluble and plant extracts. Whatever your needs are, we have a liquid product that will deliver results.
Phyta-Cal QC and Phyta Set QC


Phyta-QC™ products are designed to improve the general quality of crops by providing additional nutrients that the crop may be lacking.
Phyta-Cal QC and Phyta Set QC improve the plant's ability to take up other nutrients and improve plant photosynthesis.

Phyta-Molasses QC has a high sugar and soluble carbon content. Sugar and soluble carbon have been shown to increase microbial activity and soil respiration.
Phyta-Boost™ Our Lawn & Garden products


Our Lawn & Garden products are all-purpose, organic fertilizers.
These products can be used on trees, turf/lawns, vegetables, container plants, shrubs and ornamental vines. The Lawn & Garden Natural Fertilizers are made of the same ingredients we use in our agricultural organic products which have been used successfully by organic growers for over 30 years.
Phyta-Boost™ Plant FoodLabelSDSCDFA OIM Certificate
COFI products are pelletized and go through standard application equipment. Our expertise keeps our products from being dusty or falling apart during application. It also keeps the pellets from being so hard they won’t decompose and become available to the crop. Our pellets are sized to provide uniform distribution on planting beds. As part of COFI’s quality control program each lot number is to make sure it meets or exceeds the label N-P-K guarantee. 
*Manure has a high salt index that may be damaging to plants: additionally, manure may cause a build-up of certain nutrients and minerals and these excess components leach out of the soil and enter waterways. Copper is a common additive in poultry feeds and poultry manure retains this copper which can build up in the soil to a toxic degree, burning plant roots. Manure can raise the acidity of soil over time while also depleting calcium, an essential mineral.

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