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In 1990, organic growing methods were considered by some to be a fad championed by a few aging hippies. Our founder, Tim Stemwedel, spent the first years of his agronomic career working as a Pest Control Advisor in the Imperial and Yuma valleys, and he knew that the organic movement was not a passing phase.
Tim Stemwedel - Pest Control Advisor in the Imperial and Yuma valleys.
As an entomologist, Tim saw first-hand that insects become resistant to the poisons sprayed on them within a few generations. He experienced health problems associated with walking through fields sprayed with fumigants and insecticides. He saw lifeless soils and noted that the percentage of crops lost to insects remained constant no matter how much spraying took place. He knew that a change had to be made. During the next decade, Tim became a soil fertility expert and began studying organic methods and developing a line of inputs for organics that were efficient, easy to apply, and that improved the appearance and yield of the crops.The products Tim developed in 1990 are industry staples.
The first conventional dealer he called on about COFI products laughed so hard he was speechless. This only served to make Tim more determined: he loaded his pickup every day with as much fertilizer as it would hold and started going directly to farms. His plan was to either sell the product or give it away for trials before he returned home. He made it home every night, and not a single farmer would accept the product for free. These farmers, many of whom remain loyal customers, helped launch a business that would change the face of agriculture over the next ten years.
The products Tim developed in 1990 have become industry staples.
We believe that organic farming practices positively affect our environment through carbon sequestration and building healthy soils. We strive to produce fertilizer that will provide the highest Plant Available Nitrogen to prevent nitrogen leaching, and to deliver the most economic value to the farmer.
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We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all fertility program. Our diverse product line was developed by our founder, who is a biologist and agronomist. He develops products with nutrients in the right ratio for the plants' uptake, products that release nutrients at different rates, and products that perform in various soil conditions and climates.
We are trailblazers in the organic input industry. We listen to our customers and identify opportunities to create products farmers need. We focus on creating new, visionary products to solve agronomic issues. Our fertilizers nurture the soil food web and optimize the health of the soil.
lettuce in an organic farming practices
We focus on results and on the success of our customers. We listen to our growers’ needs and provide solutions that are feasible, timely and effective. We develop unique products with high Plant Available Nitrogen.We focus on raw material sources. We vet suppliers to ensure compliance with the standards of the National Organic Program. We find materials that provide real value. We source material near our facility whenever possible. We do not buy from sources that damage the environment while harvesting raw materials.
The well-being of our workforce, our communities, and the environment dictates how our business is operated. Doing the right thing is a given: it's the reason employees make a career with us, farmers trust us, and suppliers do business with us. Doing the right thing, every time, gives growers, dealers, suppliers and other stakeholders confidence that we achieve our results through merit and that we do not tolerate illegal or unethical dealings.
We respect the planet so we practice environmentally sound ways of doing business. We source raw materials locally whenever possible.
We inspect our suppliers work sites to ensure that conditions meet our standards for safety, and for the well-being of the workers.
The relationships we have with employees, growers, dealers and suppliers are critical to the health of our business. We care about the consequences of our decisions on those around us.
Carrots in an organic farming practices

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